Tile 4.0 Light

Tile 4.0 Light 4.0 Light

The program quot;Tile ver. 4.0quot; is oriented to design and...

The program quot;Tile ver. 4. 0quot; is oriented to design and calculation of covers. Designed in close collaboration with finishers, the program quot;Tilequot; is able to sensibly simplify and speed the work of a designer, a constructor, a tiler and of any person who has decided to repair his apartment or house.

Facilities of quot;Tilequot;The program quot;Tilequot; will help you to choose the necessary tile, its size and colour, plan design and lay it out correctly in a bathroom, toilet, in the kitchen and other rooms where this kind of finishing material is used.

The program will allow you to see the created interior in a three-dimensional image, to insert necessary changes in design development phase and to calculate the consumption of materials needed for walls and floor covering.

With the help of the program laquo;Tileraquo; you can create a virtual three-dimensional model of a room in the given size with necessary door and window openings, sanitary and other equipment, that allow quickly and professionally develop a room project; to go easily all the way from the idea, development and decoration to scope of work and material cost calculation.

Preferences of quot;Tilequot;Not the least of the program's advantages is literalism of your interior! You'll be able to evade irregularities in the calculation of materials, to make essential alterations and to realize whether you like selected tile, rolls or not, and whether it satisfy your dreams!

quot;Tilequot; won't let you forget even about the smallest things #8212; every detail is included into the program. As a result, a customer and a specialist know beforehand what kind of material and how much finishing agents are necessary to buy.

It let its users save materials, time and money. You neither will buy a superfluous tile box; nor go to the shop again to have a lacking tile box.

At the same time it allows to plan the purchase of materials effectively and to buy it at lower prices without hurry. The advantages of the program quot;Tilequot; are handiness, rapidity and efficiency of searching works in a tile catalogue.

quot;Tilequot; is available and easy to use so it makes this program a handy instrument for its user. Due to high-quality 3D visualization, you can prepare effective project presentation.

Tile 4.0 Light


Tile 4.0 Light 4.0 Light

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